Your top 5 EZ Rails Questions Answered

Cable balustradesWhen choosing a product, there are certain questions that would require answers, just to give you some peace of mind that you’re purchasing the correct product. Balustrades aren’t any different. In fact, there are a few valid questions you may have – and we have the answers:


1. Why choose EZ Rails over other brands?

Not only are our products SABS approved, but they’re easy and cost-effective to install – requiring no hard-core tools or skilled individuals.

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2. Are EZ Rails safe for my family or colleagues?

  • We are SABS certified.
  • Quality Management Systems Certified – KS A 9001:2001/ISO 9001:2000.
  • Quality Assured Certified – Acquired European mark (CE)
  • We are Green Certified with the green guard environmental institute.

3. Are EZ Rails Systems more expensive than conventional balustrades?

Due to the fact that we produce balustrades in bulk, we ensure our prices are competitive – using a pre-manufactured, robotic automated production process.

4. Do I need to be skilled to be able to install a balustrade system?

As each system comes with an installation manual, requiring no hard-core tools, our systems require no specially trained individuals to install our balustrades. Which means they’re so easy to install, anyone can do it!

5. Can EZ Rails balustrades be installed in difficult places?

Requiring only a rough sketch of where you’d like your balustrades to be installed, our balustrades are unique in the sense that our components compliment one another – fitting together perfectly, even in awkward corners and hard-to-reach spots.


Bonus question: How do I install EZ Rails balustrades?

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