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You measure it. We supply it complete.You assemble it in minutes.

Made 2 Measure Balustrade Kit Systems

    How does the complete kit concept work?
  • You will need to do a rough line drawing and photo of your project layout.
  • Now you have a full understanding of your needs. we will assist you in the decision process. Enquire about installation or DIY options.

Useful tips to consider when measuring up your balustrade project.

Draw a rough line drawing,use symbols in your drawing like noughts and crosses. Noughts for main posts and crosses for center posts. Add total dimensions. Take a photo with your smart phone and mail it to us.

Take note

We supply you with a complete made up kit from your layout.Top Rails and infills are supplied in 6 meter lengths. Firstly make use of long lengths first and use off cuts to fill smaller lengths to amortize to the maximum.

You do not have to measure angles (gradient) of stairs,only the length of balustrade, from bottom to top.The straight sections and stair sections are measured / quoted, the same way at no extra cost.This system has been designed for your convenience,giving you high quality and safety assurance and peace of mind.

EZRail complete post systems compliment one another, to create systems to suit any balustrade requirments you may have. Whether you have awkward corners, and difficult stairways or hard to reach areas, our systems provide a practical and simple solution to every challenge.

The technically engineered system allows flexibility around design with no welding,grinding and polishing required on site. Any angle and configuration can be accommodated in this unique design system resulting in a custom made system that is simple and fast to order and install.

The simple design and large volume production means that the EZRail System is competitively priced. Easy installation means a further saving of time and labour costs.

    Fixing methods available are:
  • Core drill:Top mount (tile and concrete)
  • Post fix:DIY top mount (tile and concrete)
  • Side fix:Concrete, wood and steel
  • Thread fix:Wood and steel
  • Wood fix: Wood where it is impossible to secure from underneath a deck, landing or staircase.

Designed as a complete ready to assemble on site DIY (do-it-your-self) solution.

Place your order, with our simple order process today.

Putting it all together, at this stage you can consult with one of our stores where our experienced balustrade consultants will review your selections.

All stock items, sold complete, sameday service!

Enquire about installation or DIY options, if necessary an EZ-Rail fitter can install at a nominal fee.

Available nationwide.

Please see examples below of simple drawing layouts you can provide us.

easy install drawing line drawing simple sketch drawing floor measuring drawing
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